Canadian Leclerd Artisat Jack Loom
This one a four shaft, six pedal, 36 “ weave width. Folding back beam.
One corner of my yarn landing.
Leclerc boat shuttles and a pair of shuttles bound for two thread weft
Warping mill of unknown age and make
Ashford Trad with jumbo flyer and double treadle kits fitted
John Ransome pine wheel.

Made for Peggy Gowing - Scopes
Ashford ‘Joy’ Traveller
(and it is a joy to use!)
Well worn and washed fleece rug.
Cotton warp.
Natural dyes plus some copper sulphate.
Long table runner.
Handspun wool warp and weft.
Natural dyes and fleece colours.
The black is jacob.
Some indigo and plant dyed handspun wool with cotton chenille - an odd mix but it worked and has washed well.
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Handspun silk